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Natalie Demers


Natalie Demers, the driving force behind Eduedify.com, is deeply passionate about education. With a higher degree in education, Natalie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the blog. Her expertise lies in child-kid education, where she shares insights into early childhood development, educational milestones, and strategies to foster curiosity and creativity in young learners. Natalie’s dedication to empowering parents, teachers, and students shines through her engaging articles and practical advice.

George Sucarichi


George Sucarichi, a renowned scientist and assistant professor at a prestigious college, is a co-founder of Eduedify.com. With a strong background in scientific research and a passion for education, George provides a unique perspective on the blog. His focus areas include Montessori education, special education, and the integration of innovative teaching methodologies. George’s contributions enrich Eduedify.com with evidence-based practices and approaches, ensuring that our readers have access to the latest developments in educational theory and application.

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George Sucarichi
Co-founder, Eduedify.com